Katy Perry: Get A Behind-The-Scenes-View Of Her Highly Anticipated Prismatic World Tour [Video]

Katy Perry is known internationally for her flamboyant, brightly colored wigs paired with performance wear and, of course, for her upbeat pop anthems. The pop star has recently embarked on her Prismatic World Tour which kicked off down under and is set to visit nearly 90 cities involving 130 shows by the time it wraps up in March 2015.

Perry gives an overview of what to expect from the anticipated tour in the newly-released behind-the-scenes video by Vevo. Rolling Stone recounts her words.

“The name of my tour is the ‘Prismatic World Tour,’ and we’re going all around the world spreading light…I am involved with every detail of the tour. There are seven sections in the tour and each section is its own different world. So we have the Prismatic section, the Ancient Egyptian section, the hyper-neon section where everything glows. It’s exciting and there are a lot of remixes.”

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The tour is sure to entertain the massive crowds that are expected to flood sold out venues. With Perry’s high-energy and visually electric performances, Butters the dog as a tour mascot and Ferras – L.A.-based, Jordanian singer-songwriter, who Perry recently signed to her Metamorphosis Music Label- as an opening act, how could the tour result in anything but pure entertainment?

Butters the dog,Katy Perry's pet pooch, via People's Pets
Butters the dog,Katy Perry’s pet pooch, via People’s Pets

The vivacious performer does have some expectations to be met by anyone who is involved in any of her tours. The video by Vevo shares first hand that expectations on The Prismatic World Tour are no different. MTV notes the pop star’s words that in order to tour along with Katy and her crew a “good attitude” is a must.

“We’re all rubbing shoulders with each other every single day… It’s like a traveling circus, so a positive attitude is really important — and I believe that pretty much 100% of our crew has that.”

Ferras, who, as seen in the Vevo clip, is the opening act to Ms. Perry, has only a “positive attitude” when it comes to sharing her thoughts about Katy. Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Ferras shared her views with Rolling Stone, shortly after being signed to Perry’s new label.

“[Katy’s] instincts are really on point… She is very blunt and doesn’t sugarcoat things, which I appreciate. Also, she gave me the freedom to do what I wanted musically and was a natural partner.”

The Prismatic World Tour will get underway again on February 16, 2015 with a performance in Barcelona, Spain to begin the “European mainland leg.” However, Perry will have the spotlight earlier on in February, as the Prism singer will perform at Glendale, Arizona’s University of Phoenix Stadium as part of the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show.

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