Barbara Walters Rumored to Be Returning To ‘The View’ Amid Dismal Ratings

Following the latest drama on The View, in the form of an epic face-off between Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell, as reported by numerous media outlets, the latest rumor to hit the front pages today is the possibility that show creator, Barbara Walters, may be making a return to the panel.

Radar Online reported a source as telling it, “They’ve been talking about just letting it run its course this season and bringing it back with Barbara and a new panel in the fall. They’ve talked about how to creatively bring her back and maybe use a little comedy, like it was all just a bad dream.”

For the time being, the bitter race argument between Goldberg and O’Donnell has improved the show’s ratings in the short-term, but, generally speaking, the show has had dismal ratings for quite a while.

The source told Radar that, despite the fact that the show’s execs have ordered the two women to work things out so that they can at least be civil on-screen, by most accounts, that is proving difficult, to say the least,

“The challenge is Rosie feels like she’s giving up. She wants to fix it, but doesn’t think they can fix it. She hasn’t given up on her being the future of the show, but she knows now what’s going on with her and Whoopi is not something that can survive. She doesn’t think there’s a way to save the relationship, but she hopes the show can be saved.”

The row between Goldberg and O’Donnell is a deep one, as the two women clearly don’t see eye-to-eye on much; as the Radar source added.

“Rosie was upset after arguing with Whoopi, but she’s fearful she’s going to have another colossal failure on her hands. She was so confused by Whoopi’s argument and she felt like Whoopi made herself look stupid. She doesn’t think on an intellectual level Whoopi is even capable of understanding how to work it out.”

Whether or not Barbara Walters makes a return to The View remains to be seen, as does the outcome of the current feud between two of the show’s most important people – Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell.

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