Twitter Is Literally Subjecting People To A Very Slow Death [Infographic]

Do you think it’s a coincidence that since Twitter began providing users with the ability to speak in 140 characters or less that the number of obesity cases around the world has skyrocketed, how about the fact that Twitter uses lots of power to run.

In a satirical look at the world of Twitter the team at have created a #BlameTwitter infographic that examines completely true points of intersection between the social network and the ability for it’s minions (and everyone else on the face of the planet) to destroy the earth.

While the infographic may be simply poking fun at Twitter and Tweeters it does hold one thing to be true, sitting on your computer or smartphone for all hours of the day isn’t healthy.

Among some of the more interesting tweets is the fact that we spend $1.90 for every tweet sent and $.75 on weight loss programs for every single Twitter message sent out.

Some of the other facts are just downright scary, such as $4.20 are spent on drugs for every Twitter message sent.

Take a close look at the image below for some interesting Twitter statistics and some of the real world problems we face that can be examined in comparison to how much we tweet:

Here’s the infographic:

On a serious note do you think the sedentary lifestyle of Twitter, Facebook and other social network users is killing them?

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