No Kid Will Be Embarrassed Arriving To School In This! Dad Drops Sons Off In Tank! [Video]

For many kids, school is a cherished time away from home – for many reasons. Despite the mundane tasks of learning unwanted criteria and testing, kids are given time away from the watchful eyes of their parents. However, there are exceptions in which parents being present at school that can be a plus. For example, if a kid’s teacher so happens to be a parent, they have direct access for assistance when academic difficulties arise. Another example of kids benefiting from parent intervention in school has to do with the President’s daughters. Malia and Sasha would be eating Michelle Obama’s gross public school meals if their mother didn’t step in. Turnip for what, right?

However, one dad goes above and beyond the call of making his kids “look cool” when he drops them off to school. Why? It’s because he drops them off in a tank! That’s right! A tank!

The video was originally uploaded by Caters TV, a YouTube channel. According to the video’s description, Nick Mead, from Helmdon Northamptonshire, owns a collection of military vehicles totaling up to £2 million. This – as you can see from the video attached above – includes tanks. Anyways, Nick drops off his sons, Ashley and Danny, to school in a number of road-legal military vehicles. Now that’s an “explosive” way for Nick’s kids to start the day, right? Those on the road have to do a double-take when they see the tank blaze by at 40 miles per hour, according to Daily Mail.

There is one downside when it comes to being escorted to school in a military vehicle made to run over mines and trenches. According to RYOT, the 17-ton tank can plow through anything Mother Nature throws at it. Therefore, Ashley and Danny can kiss rain and snow days goodbye. Also, it was made clear that traffic jams wouldn’t be an issue either.

As you can see, traffic has no chance in hell when it comes to a tank! (via Tumblr)

What do you think about Nick Mead and his unique method of dropping off his children to school? For all you parents out there, if you could, would you drop off your kids in a tank?

[Featured Image via Caters TV, Post Image via Tumblr]

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