Anonymous Denies Threatening Iggy Azalea, But Are They Telling The Truth?

A rogue member of the hacker group Anonymous took to Twitter recently to threaten rapper Iggy Azalea, while showering her with profanity-laced insults. The social media micro-blogging platform has taken action against the account. The Huffington Post reports that the account responsible for threatening the Black Widow superstar has been deactivated by Twitter for violation of their terms.

There is still some confusion surrounding this incident, which Iggy herself never actually responded to (and for good reason). It seems that the Huffington Post is one of the very, very few sources acknowledging that the hacker group’s main media hub has announced no connection to the Anon troll who harassed Iggy several days ago. They tweeted publicly that they have not threatened the famed rapper.

“Yes, we official[y] deny that Anonymous is threatening Iggy Azalea, we have more important and relevant issues to tackle than some pop star.”

It should be noted, however, that the notorious hacker group isn’t managed by any heads or persons. So that makes it easy for any average person on the internet to claim the title of Anon. In fact, that’s precisely how the group has grown and recruited over the years of its existence, so while the “main hub” of Anonymous is distancing itself from the account that harassed Iggy Azalea, it does not mean that Anonymous in general isn’t having problems with its own rogue members.

Anonymous has gone after celebrities before, contrary to the tweet they shared with the Huffington Post. Back in 2011, Tech Hive reported that the group splintered and another sect formed that has been targeting celebrities specifically. In particular, the spin-off group has posted private cellphone numbers of celebrities, nude photos of at least one other rapper and movie scripts that weren’t intended for public viewing. These are members of the hacker group Anonymous, who formed their own separate group, but they are still Anon members. So does that mean both of these Anon groups are simply one and the same? As long as they continue using the Anon tag, the masks and the account names then that is how they’re going to be viewed by most people — especially when doing so to threaten female celebrities.

Iggy Azalea is not the only white female rapper targeted by Anonymous, or Anonymous’s rogue members. Kreayshawn was also targeted a couple of years ago, and her Twitter account was hacked. The group leaked nude selfies that Kreayshawn had taken to her hundreds of thousands of fans and followers. Even though Iggy and Kreay share this in common, Kreay is still on the side of Azalea Banks in the rapper beef that garnered Anon’s interest in the first place. In fact, she took the opportunity offered by this scandal to make nationalistic comments against the “Beg For It” rapper.

Is Australia really all that racist? Some people may heatedly disagree.

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