Buzz Aldrin Looking For Love? Second Man To Land On The Moon Seeks ‘Cute’ Lady

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin may be 84 years old, but that isn’t stopping him from looking for love. The second man to land on the moon says that he is seeking that special someone.

As strange as the news may seem, it proves that no matter how old you are or how famous, for that matter, life is not complete until you have found your soul mate. Aldrin is on the market again after his divorce from his wife of 23 years, Lois Driggs Cannon, almost a year ago.

Buzz Aldrin NASA
Buzz Aldrin (Image via NASA)

Buzz Aldrin and Driggs Cannon made their divorce official on January 7, 2013, but the documents were actually signed in December, according to a report on TMZ. His ex wasn’t amused when almost immediately he entered the dating scene and began seeing a woman, Borders event-marketing exec Michelle Sucillon, who is 30 years his junior, Page Six reported at the time.

“He’s not (officially) divorced yet. It is kind of scandalous. We’ve had a great life, and I don’t blame Buzz, I blame the girl. She’s a predator, that’s my opinion.”

“He filed for divorce in June. The book signing where they met was in 2009, and I was there. She was kind of aggressive. But he didn’t start seeing her then. He’s been seeing her for about a year. There are women out here in Los Angeles that go after men, they go after celebrities. Women should leave married men alone.”

“He’s 81 and having kind of a mid-life crisis in old age… I still think Buzz is the most wonderful man in the world, and I still love him.”

Now, Buzz Aldrin is on the market yet again and publicly says he is looking for love.

“I’m on the scout for cute-looking ladies,” he told GQ in a recent interview.

Even though he became a national legend for his incredible extraterrestrial feat, Aldrin went through difficult personal times after his return from the moon. Buzz Aldrin confessed to having a complete meltdown after returning from the space odyssey and fell down a spiral which included alcohol, a couple of divorces, and a stop at a psychiatric ward. Aldrin was broke and at one point he was a car salesman.

Buzz Aldrin on the moon
Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon (Image via NASA)

Buzz Aldrin’s life was not easy. His father never accepted the fact that he was “the second man” to land on the moon and his mother killed herself shortly before they took off on their historic voyage. Now, at almost 85 years of age, one of America’s favorite sons is looking for lasting love.

[Image via Philkon/Wikipedia]

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