Ryan Braun Tested Positive for Medicine, Not PEDs [Report]

Ryan Braun, the 2011 National League MVP, tested positive earlier this month for performance enhancing drugs. But a recent report says that Braun’s positive test may have been triggered by medication and not PEDs.

TMZ, citing a source “directly connected with Major League Baseball,” said that medication that Braun is taking for a private medical issue caused the positive test. What medicine Braun is taking and for what reason was not made clear.

The source told TMZ:

“The medication contained banned substances resulting in the positive test.”

Braun was suspended for 50-games following his positive drug test. The Milwaukee Brewers star says that he has never taken performance enhancing drugs and he is fighting his suspension.

Attorney David Cornwell, who is representing Braun, said:

“I fully expect to be able to demonstrate that Ryan did not violate the substance policy of Major League Baseball. And consequently, we shouldn’t be dealing with this discussion at all, but at a minimum, I urge everybody to keep an open mind and give us the chance to make our case in private.”

Yahoo! reports that even if Braun’s test was triggered by medication and not PEDs he’ll still have to endure his 50-game suspension. Victor Conte, the founder of BALCO, said that only a “chain of custody” issue could clear Braun’s name. Conte said:

“Unless there’s some chain-of-custody issue, other technical problem during the collection and transport process, he’s basically dead in the water. … I believe he’s going to serve the 50-game suspension.”

Do you think Ryan Braun took performance enhancing drugs?

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