Top 10 Most Overpaid Actors: Find Out Which Stars Were Best At Wasting Hollywood’s Money In 2014

The Forbes Magazine list of 2014’s most overpaid actors is out, and we have a repeat champion when it comes to wasting more of Hollywood’s money than any other big star. The most overpaid actor of 2013 retains his title as the most worthless investment of 2014. And the loser is…

Adam Sandler.

Sandler topped the Forbes list of most overpaid actors for the second year in a row by earning his employers a mere $3.20 for ever dollar in fees and other monetary compensation his studio, the beleaguered Sony Pictures, shelled out for his service on his most recent three movies.

In the recent flood of leaked emails out of Sony, in the ongoing computer hack attack directed at the studio, Sony executives were seen complaining about the creative and artistic bankruptcy of Sandler’s films. But according to Forbes calculations, the 48-year-old comic could bankrupt Sony at the box office as well.

Studios make calculations in casting every film based on how much money they believe that the stars are worth.

“At the end of the day it’s show BUSINESS. Every studio has a list of actors based on historical box office, domestic and foreign,” movie and TV star Ashton Kutcher, who is also an independent producer, explained in 2010. “Generally they are trying to hedge their financial investment. There is a common model that is used where the studio or financier presell packages in Foreign territories based on talent commitments. The more production budget they can off set the more confident they feel about moving forward.”

Next on the list of actors who may now fall lower on the studios list of investment potential is Johnny Depp, whose last three films pulled in just $4.10 per dollar of Depp’s compensation package.

But as Forbes notes, the story of Depp’s career has been one of box office ups and downs. The 51-year-old screen veteran is very good at headlining franchise movies, with the Pirates of the Caribbean series among the biggest moneymakers ever. But audiences are less interested in opening their wallets to see Depp in his trademark, quirky, smaller films.

Ben Stiller, another comic actor, places third on the list, worth just $4.80 per dollar of his pay, thanks to his recent string of bombs, including The Watch and Tower Heist. Will Ferrell, Ben Affleck and Channing Tatum also make the list.

See the full list at this link.

The only female star on the Forbes Most Overpaid Actors list is Sandra Bullock, which may say less about her than about Hollywood’s reluctance to shell out big bucks on star salaries for women.

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