Sarah Palin Channel: Skin-Baring Wardrobe ‘Malfunction’ Takes Everyone By Surprise, Or Did It?

Like her or not, former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has a knack of stirring up controversy and drawing attention to projects she’s working on. On a recent episode of her online TV news channel for the promotion of her new book, Palin supposedly suffered a wardrobe oops moment. A video of the so-called flesh-baring malfunction has gone viral on the internet, courtesy of a Canada Journal report.

During the show in which the former GOP sensation and Tea Party talking head plugged her book, Palin appears to be exposing more flesh than the public is accustomed to. Media outlets suggest the sweater she is seen wearing in the video malfunctioned and caused her to show off her toned arms and shoulders.

Has the Sarah Palin Channel star gone rogue, gifting fans and viewers with a steamy surprise for the holidays? It depends on the perception of the viewer. On the one hand, Palin appears to suffer a wardrobe malfunction when her Christmas sweater fell down to reveal a sexy undergarment. However, upon closer inspection, one can make an argument that the top worn for the kitchen segment is designed with an embellished to give off the illusion that her arms and shoulders are bare.

In past coverage from the Inquisitr, Sarah Palin’s family made headlines — again — when a brawl broke out at a homeowner’s residence in Anchorage back in July. The details are still scant, and many outlets have provided conflicting coverage on the “Palin Family Brawl,” but it is yet more proof how the Palins still command headlines.

During the four-minute segment on her channel, Sarah Palin took part in a little book promotion for Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas. The ex-vice presidential running mate to John McCain explores what she calls is an attack on Christmas and Jesus’ birth by atheists, agnostics and other non-believers of the Christian faith. She also shares insight into Palin and Heath holiday traditions with tips, recipes and party-planning. Palin dishes on family secrets with cookies, blueberry pie and even Rice Krispies treats.

“It’s not an in-your-face political lecture. It’s a fun book, that incorporates the solution to the challenge, that is a war on Christmas.

“It hopefully will spark some inspiration in other people to allow them, no matter what faith anyone is, allow them some Christmas joy to spread.”

Check out the video above and decide. Did the Sarah Palin Channel accidentally air a wardrobe malfunction?

[Image via: EOnline]

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