Watch As Bicyclist Survives Collision With A Deer At 30 MPH [Video]

A bicyclist in California was in for a big and painful surprise when he hit a deer as he cycled near the Golden Gate Bridge. Cyclist Silas Patlove, from Sausalito, California, was wearing a Fly6 camera when the accident occurred so it was all captured on video.

The startling video starts out relatively uneventful. You can simply see the road fly by as Patlove gains speed. However, halfway through the video you see Patlove is thrown from his bicycle as a deer jumps directly into the bike from the right side of the road. The pair collide and the bike can be seen laying on the ground with Patlove moaning in the background.

Patlove notes that he only had a minor concussion and a bit of memory loss surrounding the event.

“Fly6 video of a surprise crash on Alexander Ave heading towards Sausalito, CA. Although I don’t remember it, I landed on my back, and hit the back of my Giro helmet, which probably saved me from serious brain injury. Although I had a mild concussion with a bit of memory loss around the event, I am very grateful to have escaped feeling only a little banged up. I cannot speak to the deer’s injuries. Also, thank you very much to the folks who stopped to help. This video was recorded on a Fly6 camera.”

The Heavy reports that the bike was going 30 MPH when the collision occurred.

This isn’t the first time a deer has crossed the path of a strange incoming object. Earlier this year a deer collided with a roller coaster causing the ride to be splattered with blood.

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