‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff: Which Character From The Original Series Might Pop Up On ‘Cobalt?’

The Walking Dead spinoff might feature a familiar face that will remind viewers of a tragic moment from the original AMC series.

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed something interesting about an early version of the pilot for The Walking Dead spinoff — it features “one character who briefly appeared during a key season one episode.” Fansided listed a few different ideas about who this could be, including Vatos leader Guillermo, survivor group member Morales, and CDC doctor Edwin Jenner.

Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich) seems like the most likely candidate for the cameo. He appeared in “TS-19,” which was definitely a “key season one episode.” Dr. Jenner informed Rick Grimes that everyone was already infected with the zombie virus, and this revelation had a big impact on the group of survivors — it made an already-bleak situation seem much worse.

The Inquisitr previously reported that The Walking Dead companion series will take place in Los Angeles, and it would make sense for Dr. Jenner to be there. According to the Centers for Disease Control website, there’s a CDC quarantine station in L.A. One of its directives is to “monitor importations that may have pathogens infectious to humans.” The spinoff will take place at the beginning of the virus outbreak before the events of the original AMC series, so perhaps it will explore more of Jenner’s backstory.

The companion series has been tentatively titled Cobalt, and it will focus on a group of survivors led by a teacher named Sean Cabrera (Cliff Curtis). The group will include his flower-child ex-wife Andrea and his son Cody. They’ll be joined by guidance counselor Nancy Tompkins and her two teenagers, Nick (Frank Dillane) and Ashley (Alycia Debnam Carey).

Other Cobalt characters include Ashley’s jock boyfriend Matt, Nick’s drug dealer friend Casper, a wise-beyond-his-years student named Tobias, and Art, a principal who works at the same school as Sean and Nancy.

The Walking Dead spinoff is just in the pilot stage, so it could be awhile before it makes to AMC (if it even gets picked up by the network). If you can’t wait to see Dr. Jenner alive and well again, perhaps seeing another familiar face will make the wait a little more bearable.

According to i09, Walking Dead fans should definitely check out the Illinois Department of Transportation’s gritty new web series, The Driving Dead. It stars former Walking Dead star Michael Rooker as a zombie apocalypse survivor who teaches viewers why it’s important to drive safely. You can see Merle brought back from the dead to dispatch the undead in the first episode below (there have been two so far).

Are you looking forward to The Walking Dead companion series, or would you rather see more of Michael Rooker’s new web series and that awesome modified Mustang?

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