Bobby Shmurda ‘Driving Force’ Behind Murderous, Drug Trafficking Gang

Bobby Shmurda is the driving force behind the GS9 gang, which operates a deadly drug and firearms ring. Fourteen members of the gang have been charged in a 69-count indictment that includes the murder of a 19-year-old, attempted murder, dealing drugs, possession of weapons, and a multitude of other crimes in connection with a long-term investigation.

“There is no question that Ackquille Pollard is the driving force behind the GS9 gang and the organizing figure within this conspiracy.”

The indictment has linked members of Mr. Shmurda’s entourage to the murder of a rival gang member in Brooklyn, the shooting of an innocent woman, and conspiracy to sell crack cocaine. Shmurda, 21, has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit murder, weapon possession, and drug dealing. The bail for Shmurda has been set at $2 million.

Despite the charges, Shmurda’s record label, Epic Records, is standing behind the artist, along with another of the accused, Chad Marshall (aka Rowdy Rebel).

According to Page Six, Shmurda was tapped using code in his conversations like “socks” for firearms and “suntan” for shooting someone.

“I am two socks Bobby right now. You know I suntan him and shot, do issues, you know what’s going on.”

The rapper’s lawyer, Howard Greenberg, tried to excuse Shmurda’s conversations.

“These guys… have a constitutional right to talk stupid on the phone,” he said.

Shmurda, is also accused of firing shots at a crowd near a barbershop in Brooklyn early this year, along with being at the scene of a shootout between rival gangs outside a courthouse in January. It has been reported that his gang would fire bullets into crowds, causing innocent bystanders to run for cover. Even the rapper’s own brother, Javase Pollard, was fired at during one confrontation. The files detail that Shmurda tried to shoot his brother but missed, shattering the glass of a barbershop.

“He is also a violent enforcer of the gang’s activity. He’s a drug dealer, and a prolific one at that.”

Representing the star and his brother, Howard Greenberg is stating that the gang has been targeted due to a governmental bias against rap.

“The government hates rap and by extension hates rappers. If his name was Joe Blow they would have given him a DAT or cut him lose from the precinct,” he said.

“My guy has the world in the palm of his hands. He needs to commit crimes like I need to fly the space shuttle.”

If convicted, Bobby Shmurda could face up to 25 years in prison.

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