‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Plot Hints Among The New 2015 Lego Sets

Sarah Myles - Author

Dec. 17 2014, Updated 6:41 a.m. ET

There’s something about Lego. What started out as a simple construction toy in 1949 has become one of the most iconic products in the world – spawning movies, theme parks, retail stores, board games, video games and cartoons featuring both original stories, and tie-ins with other titles. These days, your cinematic blockbuster is nothing unless children and adults around the globe are recreating it with specially designed, licensed sets of interlocking blocks. Avengers: Age Of Ultron is no different.

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Now, as reported by Gizmodo, Lego has unveiled the latest list of new sets that will become available during 2015, through the release of its German retail catalogue. While the popular ranges of Duplo, Lego Classic, Creator, City, Chima and Technic will all be boosted by new additions, it is the movie and TV tie-in sets that are getting the most attention, and creating the most anticipation. With Avengers: Age Of Ultron headed to theatres in May 2015, six new Marvel Super Heroes sets will hit the shelves in April. With three new DC TV shows now airing alongside Arrow, and a vast slate of superhero movies announced, five new DC Super Heroes sets will also arrive in April, focusing specifically on Justice League characters. But, if April 2015 seems like a particularly long way off, the news that three Lego Movie sets and 13 Star Wars sets are headed to stores in January may be especially welcome.

Excitement surrounding Star Wars could not be higher, following the much-anticipated release of the first trailer for the upcoming Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens. While the current Star Wars Lego range is a consistent bestseller, the company will be expecting the new sets to boost those numbers significantly upon release. Hitting stores in January will be – among others – an ARC-170 Starfighter, Vulture Droid, Snowspeeder, Republic Gunship, Homing Spider Droid, Imperial Troop Transport, Wookie Gunship, Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter, and a TIE Fighter.

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DC fans can look forward to a notable expansion in Lego coverage of their favourite characters, with sets that are not tied in to specific movie titles, but include Justice League heroes and villains that may hint at things to come in the studio’s TV and film plans. The five sets will comprise a variety of battle scenes.

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‘Green Lantern Vs Sinestro’ (featuring Green Lantern, Sinestro and Batman);

‘Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas’ (featuring Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Batman and Driver);

‘Black Manta Deep Sea Strike’ (featuring Black Manta, Aquaman, Batman and Robin);

‘Darkseid Invasion’ (featuring Darkseid, Superman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg);

‘Brainiac Attack’ (featuring Brainiac, Martian Manhunter, Superman and Supergirl)

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It is the planned Marvel Super Heroes Age Of Ultron sets that are generating the most interest, however, as it is the only set (other than those for The Lego Movie) that is tied to a specific movie release. That being the case, the details of the sets are being scoured for clues as to the plot of the film. The sets themselves, as reported by I09, are impressive, and do reveal some interesting snippets about Avengers: Age Of Ultron – not least in their titles.

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‘Iron Man Vs Ultron’ (featuring Iron Man and an Ultron-type figure);

‘Hulkbuster Rescue Mission’ (featuring Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Hulkbuster and ‘Ultron Prime’);

‘The Avengers Quinjet Chase’ (featuring Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Vision and ‘Ultimate Ultron’);

‘Burglary At The Hydra Fortress’ (featuring Hulk, Quicksilver, Captain America, Baron Von Strucker and Loki’s tesseract staff);

‘Duel With Hydra’ (featuring Thor and Hawkeye)

‘Raid On The Avengers Tower’ (featuring Iron Man, Thor, ‘Legion Accomplices’ and Loki’s staff)

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While the inclusion of fan favourite characters heightens interest, it is the designation of the Ultron figures as different versions of the character that is causing speculation. Their titles in the Lego sets include “Sub-Ultron Soldiers,”, “Sub-Ultron Officers,” “Ultron Prime” and “Ultimate Ultron” – with the latter being the Lego minifigure that closely resembles the villain seen in the Avengers: Age Of Ultrontrailer. It seems that it is not just a single rogue robot that the Avengers will be battling this time around. The consistent presence of Loki’s tesseract staff also suggests its involvement in the plot of the film.

The Brick Fan reports that, while the Avengers: Age Of Ultron Lego sets are due for release in April 2015, there is a small chance that schedule may eventually be brought forward a little.

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