‘Don’t Attack A Police Officer, Don’t Get Shot’: Controversial T-Shirt Sparks Outrage

A new t-shirt is reportedly gaining popularity among law enforcement officers and Darren Wilson supporters. However, many people who have opposed the controversial killings of unarmed men are not pleased with the message on the shirt.

According to Conservative Tribune, the T-shirt which reads, “Don’t Attack A Police Officer, Don’t Get Shot” has caused quite a stir. The shirt also has a photo-shopped image of a badge with the name of the former Ferguson police officer’s name and the date of the Michael Brown shooting. In the months leading up to the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Wilson, there were many questions about the series of events that occurred on Aug. 9 when Brown was killed. Although Wilson stated that the shooting was an act of self-defense, many witnesses claimed Brown had his hands up and attempted to walk away from the scene.


However, Officer Wilson has adamantly claimed that he acted in self-defense because Brown was charging toward him. So, many feel that Brown’s death was a fatal consequence of his own actions, which is why Wilson’s supporters stand behind the message on the t-shirt. Brown’s alleged actions are reportedly what motivated the message for the shirt. The shirt was reportedly made available on TeeSpring back in August.

Here’s the description on the site to support the message on the shirt.

“A SIMPLE MESSAGE – Don’t attack a police officer and you wont be shot. Stand in Solidarity with and all Law Enforcement around the country. Be bold and proudly support a Law Enforcement Officer’s right to self-defense. We are a nation in crisis with a sharp divide between those that support Law Enforcement, and those that would have us neutered. As we speak the federal government is debating on whether or not to take away vitals tools that aid Law Enforcement. The lives of thousands of Law Enforcement Officers are at stake.”

Although the deaths of Brown and Eric Garner have been the center of controversy, other deaths like the fatal shootings of Samantha Ramsey, Rumain Brisbon, Dillon Taylor and Cedric Bartee have also raised questions about police officer’s use of fatal force. The shirt has sparked outrage because many civilians feel police officers rely heavily on claims of self-defense to justify shooting unarmed people.

Do you think the message on t-shirt is offensive? Share your thoughts.

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