Prince William And Princess Kate Middleton Are A Terrible Bore, Says British Columnist

Amid the media flutter surrounding the arrival of Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton to American shores, the last word one would think to associate with the couple is boring. That, however, is exactly what one British columnist for The Daily Mail is saying about the prince and princess’ visit to New York City.

Jan Moir began her column by lamenting what a disappointment she felt that the royal couple had been after all of the pomp and circumstance that surrounded the beginning of their lives as Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton — emblem of England.

“However you look at it, be you republican or royalist, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become a terrible, terrible disappointment to us all. I’m sorry, but they have. Nearly four years after they married at Westminster Abbey, in a fairytale ceremony that was gasping in its gorgeousness, the gilt is off the gingerbread, the bloom has gone from the rose.”

Moir continued to express her disappointment in what the prince and princess had offered to the public. In particular, she criticized the most current news about the couple: their New York City visit. She honed in on William and Kate’s visit with Beyoncé and Jay-Z, saying how innocuously Middleton was dressed and how that fits into their overall narrative of blandness.

“Instead, what we got are a couple of dreary suburbanites, a Mr. and Mrs. Bland who trundle around the world in mumsy dresses and dad-trousers, saying not very much at all. So terrified are the low-impact Cambridges of causing even a hint of controversy, they make a point of never uttering anything within ten miles of that town called Mildly Interesting. This fear of disputation, matched with a craving for the public approval that ensures their survival, has turned them into a pair of weird, international geisha-people. Mouthing only platitudes, they smile and nod at everything as they cut ribbons and accept posies like royal robots.”

This isn’t the first time that William and Kate have been accused of being a little dull. Earlier this year, BBC historian Christopher Lee said that the prince and princess seemed “like nice people, but rather dull and inoffensive.” Overall, he said that William and Kate just didn’t have the kind of gravitas that is key in iconic rulers, rejecting the ever-imposing royal demeanor for one of affability and connection.

“They love bending down and talking to kids and doing ordinary things. They are ordinary, but they are celebrities rather than old-fashioned, ‘don’t ask questions, don’t touch me’ royalty.”

Do you Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton are an exciting royal couple?

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