And The Hottest Woman of All Time Is?

Rita Hayworth, Jayne Mansfield, Elizabeth Taylor… who’s the fairest of them all?

Ask twenty people this question, and you’d probably get twenty different answers. But ask thousands and cull their results, and the winner is clear- to readers at least. The site’s “100 Hottest Women of All Time” list is up, and the winner may surprise you. What also may surprise you are the women who came in from numbers two through five- Raquel Welch as runner-up, trailed by Marilyn Monroe at number three, Britney Spears at four and in a distant fifth place, Madonna. Angelina Jolie? She ranked at 10th, after Ursula Andress at six, classic pin-up Bettie Page at 7, Pamela Anderson at 8 and Jane Fonda in 9th place.

Among all those celebs, modern and classic, Jennifer Aniston may seem like an odd choice to supplant legends like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page. But explains that Aniston’s all-around appeal helped catapult her to the tippity-top of the hotties list:

“Funny is sexy, and Jennifer Aniston is funny. Her down-to-earth persona makes her seem attainable… And her all-too-human love life off screen inspires sympathy that not even a string of bland romantic comedies can diminish. Other sex symbols drift toward one-dimensionality, becoming flat icons in the process, but throughout her career Aniston has remained sexy, funny, and unmistakably real.”

And perhaps modesty? When quizzed by the site about her picks for hottest women of all time, Aniston didn’t vote for herself. She also cited multiple-category dominance, picking a thinking woman’s hero:

“It’s a tie between Bridgitte Bardot and Gloria Steinem… But if I had to choose one, I’d say Gloria because, well, she’s the full package. That’s sexy.”

Who’d have gotten your vote as hottest woman of all time?