WWE News: Stone Cold Wanted To Bridge The Gap Between CM Punk And WWE

Jon Fisher - Author

Nov. 3 2016, Updated 3:43 a.m. ET

CM Punk signed with the UFC last Saturday as he took the fighting and professional wrestling world by storm. Throughout the last few days, nearly everyone has input their stance on a “fake wrestler” joining the MMA ranks in the UFC. Along with professional analysts like Jim Ross to throw their feelings on the situation out to the public, UFC fighters are tweeting their pleasure, or lack thereof, about Punk’s signing.

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The current-welterweight champion’s voice is a heavy one to throw around. Any time a UFC champion has the back of a rookie, in CM Punk’s case, he’ll be in good hands. Along with Cole Miller, who is a very respectable featherweight competitor, has one of the most credible opinions of them all. He trained with Punk. The “haters” that are complaining about Punk often don’t have enough credence to do so.

From the UFC world to the WWE Universe, wrestlers aren’t coming out and talking about the subject like originally anticipated. That doesn’t mean that former WWE stars can’t talk about CM Punk. Stone Cold Steve Austin reacted to CM Punk signing with the UFC and his one statement about Vince McMahon may shock some folks.

“I think he rolls with some guys and it’s a very big passion of his. I wish him all the luck in the world, and I know they’ll do a hell of a big buyrate,” Austin said of the former WWE Superstar making the move to the Octagon.

“Match him up with someone his skill level, it’s hard to gauge what his skill level is though,” Austin said about ideas for a potential first opponent.

“I talked about maybe bridging the gap with CM Punk and Vince, and then he goes and does the deal with UFC. It would appear to me that they’re way further apart than I thought they were. I knew things were bad and I hadn’t talked to CM Punk, so it’s going to be interesting,” Austin said.

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It’s very seldom that a WWE superstar transitions to the UFC world. Punk will join the likes of Batista and Bobby Lashley, who just in the past few years did what CM Punk did. As for Austin doing what he tried to do, it would’ve been like a lost cause. Punk was hard-pressed on leaving the WWE for better ventures. To Punk’s credit, work shouldn’t be something that makes you miserable.

At the end of the day, Punk wanted to leave the WWE and fight with the UFC. In his interview with Ariel Helwani last year, Punk’s body language hinted at the opportunity to fight under Dana White. Now, Punk gets the chance to live out another dream of his. This doesn’t mean that Punk will never be in the WWE again, but it will be after a stint with the UFC that includes more than one fight.

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