Harry Potter LARP: Experience Hogwarts In Real Life

Ever wished you could attend a wizarding school like in the Harry Potter books or films? The new Czocha College of Wizardry allows you to do exactly that.

According to io9, a trailer has been released by the Polish school, advertising an authentic Harry Potter experience for anyone who’s willing to dole out the cash to fly to Poland.

The event takes place in the museum of Czocha Castle, which is about as close to Hogwarts as anyone in the muggle world is going to get. While the Czocha College of Wizardry might not feature a Hogwarts replica or actors from the Harry Potter films, the experience is specifically designed to be as close to the Harry Potter world as possible, so the website says. In fact, the Czocha College of Wizardry is considered a LARP, or Live Action Role Play, of the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter feel. We want the larp to feel like you’re stepping into the world of Harry Potter. Emotional drama, school rivalry, young adults fighting the battles of adults, and occasional comedy are all part of the experience. We can not recreate the special effects of the movies, but we can recreate quite a lot of the visual feel – and not least the drama.”

The event lasts three days, and will accept up to 180 Harry Potter LARPers as both students and staff of Hogwarts (with a few extra roles thrown in.) Registration for the Harry Potter experience officially opens on December 8 for the next event, taking place in April of 2015. The price for admission is about $350 or 280 euros. The price may be steep, but for diehard fans of the Harry Potter universe, this opportunity could be a dream come true.

According to MTV, participants will get to do nearly everything you see happening at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter stories, including dressing up in wizard’s robes, attending herbology and charms classes, and even playing the Harry Potter sport, Quidditch. Larping.org describes the event as “a live action role play game for 180 students, staff, ghosts and creatures in the beautiful castle museum in Czocha, Poland – run by a superb Danish/Polish team over 3 days, the images capture a modest snapshot of the intense and prolific dramas, disasters and everyday life.” You can also see some photos of the last Harry Potter LARP event on the site.

Check back with the Czocha College of Wizardry website for more details on the Harry Potter simulation experience.

Will you be attending the Harry Potter Live Action Role Play?

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