Did Robbie Kidd Get ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Pregnant?

According to an online rumor, Robbie Kidd may have gotten Leah Calvert pregnant. Over a month after the two allegedly slept together behind Leah’s husband Jeremy’s back, the Teen Mom 2 star is addressing rumors online, denying she and Robbie are expecting a baby together.

On Sunday night, November 30, a fan tweeted, “It is hard to believe @TM2LeahDawn is pregnant again and not to her husband. I guess some ppl don’t believe in birth control.” In response, Leah told the woman, “Um… I’m def NOT pregnant lol.” A few minutes later, Leah confirmed, “I am not with Robbie and I’m not pregnant. Jeremy and I are still married!”

As the Inquisitr reported in October, Jeremy claimed to have caught Leah Calvert with Robbie, the same man Leah cheated on her first husband with. Although his tweets have since been deleted, Jeremy told fans he wasn’t surprised to discover his wife’s alleged infidelities, and claimed to have plans to file for divorce.

While Jeremy has yet to file for divorce, the Inquisitr recently reported the father of Leah Calvert’s one-year-old daughter, Adalynn, was acting as if he was already single.

On Monday, November 17, exactly one month after his claims of Leah’s cheating, “Jeremy, who has been on the road working recently, headed out with co-workers to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Ohio,” the The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported. “While he and his buddies ‘winged it up’ and drank, due to being rained out of their job for the night, Jeremy was allegedly trying to pick up on a girl there!”

“Jeremy’s friend told the girl that Jeremy would like to buy her a drink. The girl declined, her friend says, because she was driving. The friend then asked if Jeremy could have the girl’s number, but again she declined because she is currently in a relationship.”

Although the woman didn’t follow through with Jeremy’s reported advances, she and her friend allegedly stayed and chatted with the reality star. “He said a lot of girls want his number but he was making his friend keep her number if she gave it to him so it wasn’t in his phone because he said he’s going through a divorce,” a source told The Ashley. “He was probably shocked she turned him down!”

On Saturday, before setting the pregnancy rumors straight the following day, Leah Calvert re-tweeted a message which read, “I’m perfect in my imperfections, happy in my pain, strong in my weaknesses and beautiful in my own way because I’m me.”

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