'Real World' Star Ryan Knight Found Dead At 29, Autopsy Finds No Cause Of Death

Ryan Knight, 29, who was a cast member on the 2010 Real World New Orleans, has died. His death comes a day after a hard night of partying, reports TMZ.

Some of Knight's closest friends told TMZ that he partied with a large group of people. Knight ended up crashing at a friend's house. The friend found him Thursday morning dead. His friend stated that he believed Knight had choked on his own vomit.

TMZ also reported that several people that Knight had been in contact with that night said that he had ingested "some pills," but they were not specific on what those pills were.

Knight's friends also said the former reality star was in an upbeat mood Wednesday night. He told them that he had begun dating someone new who made him "extremely happy."Knight's death is the second from stars of the second Real World/Road Rules Challenge this month. Diem Brown died just a two weeks ago.

The Real World star's autopsy was completed late Friday morning. According to officials, no immediate cause of death was discovered. There were no obvious signs of injury. Police did report that Knight had complained of having stomach issues.

Kenosha, Wisconsin, police say that they attempted to revive Knight when they arrived at his friends home on Wednesday morning, but that all attempts were unsuccessful. Police reported seeing no obvious signs of injury. Knight's father was the one who notified police that Knight had been dealing with issues with his stomach. His father said he has had the issues for the past two days, reports Entertainment Weekly.

The police added that they found no drugs at the scene, but they had been informed that he had been partying hard the night before, and may have been under the influence of drugs.

Because autopsy results showed no cause of death, police state that Knight's cause of death will have to wait until toxicology results come back. Knight's death comes less than two weeks after Challenge star Diem Brown died of cancer. Knight and Brown competed against each other during Season 24 of the series.

Knight's reality show roommates turned to the social media site Twitter over the Thanksgiving holiday to mourn the loss of Knight as well Diem Brown. Ashlee Feldman, Jemmye Carrol, Sahar Dika, Wes Bergmann, Frank Sweeney, Cara Maria, Heather Cooke, Camila Nakagawa, Trey Weatherholtz, Nany Carmen Gonzalez, Zach Nichols, Jasmine Reynaud, Derek Chavez, Jeff McCain, and more turned to Twitter to say their goodbyes.