'The Bachelor' Spoilers: Who Are Chris Soules' Final 3 Season 19 Bachelorettes?

ABC's The Bachelor 2015 season premieres in January and Chris Soules will be handing out the roses. Who will be the key bachelorettes to watch this season? Gossip guru Reality Steve has spoilers and fans can't wait to find out if he got it all right this time around. What Bachelor spoilers are available for Season 19 regarding Chris Soules' final three ladies?

Heading into the hometown dates, Reality Steve's spoilers initially indicated that Whitney Bischoff, Becca Tilley, Jade Roper and a mystery gal were the final four. The ladies each introduced Chris Soules to their families and showed him around their hometowns.

Steve's Bachelor spoilers indicate that Becca Tilley's date was filmed on her birthday in Shreveport, Louisiana. It is believed that they attended the state fair in the area and then had dinner at her sister's house. Becca's sister Katie is married to former Louisiana State University running back Jacob Hester.

The gal, who was something of a mystery in early Bachelor spoiler tidbits, turns out to be Kaitlyn Bristowe. Though Kaitlyn is said to be from Vancouver, her hometown date was filmed in Arizona. So far, no other spoilers have been revealed about her date.

Jade Roper was the bachelorette spotted at a football game date with Soules in Iowa prior to the hometown dates. She then took Chris to meet her family in Gering, Nebraska. It is said that they stopped by a local bakery and flower shop while there.

Many are particularly curious to see Roper this season, as her off-screen background contains some rather tantalizing details that will surely bring her some tabloid attention over the coming months. How will it all play out on-screen? Does it ultimately affect her chance to receive Soules' final rose?

The final hometown date went to Whitney Bischoff, according to Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers. This date was filmed in Chicago, Illinois, and included some time at Quartino's restaurant. The rose ceremony to narrow down the bachelorettes from four to three was then held in Dubuque, Iowa, and Steve even got some video from a follower showing Chris walking one lady out to the limo. Who was eliminated?

Reality Steve's spoilers, which match the Bachelor spoilers from the Bach and Bachette Fan forums, indicate that Jade Roper was eliminated after the hometown dates. That means that Whitney, Becca and Kaitlyn were the final three ladies that Soules took on overnight dates in Bali.

After the overnight dates in Bali, one more gal was eliminated and then the final two bachelorettes and Chris returned to Iowa for the final dates, final rose ceremony and, according to Reality Steve's spoilers, a proposal. Fans can't wait to watch Chris Soules whittle down his group of bachelorettes to the final three and see if all of the Bachelor spoilers out already have been correct.

Will there be a love story this season on ABC's 2015 season of The Bachelor? It all begins when Season 19 with Chris Soules premieres on Monday, January 5 and fans can't wait to get started.

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