‘DWTS’: Sadie Robertson Gets Surprise Visit From One Direction Singer [Video]

Sadie Robertson recently became the envy of teens everywhere when she got to meet a member of One Direction.

The Dancing with the Stars competitor has been working extra hard on her two routines for the upcoming episode of the ABC series, and it’s probably been a rough week for the four couples left in the competition — someone is getting cut Monday night.

Sadie Robertson might get eliminated before the Dancing with the Stars finale on Tuesday, but at least she got a nice consolation prize. According to Yahoo! TV, One Direction singer Liam Payne recently dropped by Robertson’s rehearsal to wish her good luck.

After getting all the fan-girling out of her system, Robertson enlisted DWTS pro partner Mark Ballas to help her show off their team’s signature “Quack Attack” dance. Liam Payne might be a member of a boy band that doesn’t dance, but Sadie was impressed by his attempt at performing the move — the Duck Dynasty star immediately dubbed him an official member of the “Quack Pack.” You can check out their encounter below.

Liam’s visit to Sadie Robertson’s rehearsal might seem really random, but the One Direction singer is actually a huge Duck Dynasty fan. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Payne visited a few of the Duck Dynasty stars at their home in Louisiana back in September. Sadie missed out on shooting clay pigeons with the boy band star because she was too busy with Dancing with the Stars.

Payne also upset some One Direction fans earlier this year when he showed his support for Sadie’s grandfather, Phil Robertson. After the Robertson family patriarch made disturbing and vile comments about gay men, Liam stood up for the Duck Dynasty clan by praising their “family values.”

Sadie Robertson was probably thrilled to meet one of her family’s most famous fans, but Liam’s visit would have helped her more last week when she needed the votes of millions of Directioners.

Liam isn’t the only celebrity who recently joined the “Quack Pack.” On their family’s Facebook page, 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar thanked Sadie for her “kind words.” As the Inquisitr previously reported, Robertson said that she likes being compared to the Duggars. The Duggar family isn’t a fan of dancing, but perhaps Liam Payne will check out Sadie Robertson’s final DWTS performance.

In his Hollywood Life blog, Mark Ballas dropped a few hints about what fans can expect to see in their freestyle routine.

“We have a really nice piece planned for Sadie’s final number, and I think people are really going to enjoy it! The music is going to start, and I think everyone is going to identify with it because it’s so iconic.”

In his TV Guide blog, Derek Hough also had something to say about Team Quack Attack’s last dance.

“Mark has a very, I guess different is the right word, freestyle. Only Mark Ballas could do this routine. Only he could commit to something like this. It’s fun and Sadie’s adorable. I’m very excited for everyone to see it. He’s always outside the box. Sometimes they don’t hit the mark — no pun intended — but when it does, it’s fantastic.”

In addition to their freestyle, Sadie and Mark will be performing a “Judge’s Pick” routine. The judges will select a dance that Sadie and Mark previously performed, and they’ll get a chance to do it again. This will show DWTS fans how much they’ve improved over the course of the season.

Do you think Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas have a shot at the mirror ball trophy, or will they be the team that gets eliminated Monday night on Dancing with the Stars?

[Image credit: Sadie Robertson/Instagram]

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