Ubisoft Targets ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Fixes As Game Is Hammered In User Reviews

The Assassin’s Creed Unity launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC could have gone better. The action-adventure game has been plagued by bad framerates and glitches that range from players falling through the game world to missing facial texture causing hilariously horrifying images in the game. Ubisoft launched a blog Thursday to specifically address the upcoming fixes and revealed what is being fixed first. In the meantime, we can at least enjoy parody reviews of the game.

The list released by Ubisoft appears to be based on what can be fixed in the shortest amount of time for the first Assassin’s Creed Unity update. That means items like falling through the world, crashes, and other issues. Bigger problems like the poor frame rate performance and others are coming in a later patch.

Here is the full comment from Ubisoft on what is being fixed.

  • We are currently working on our next update that will help address some of the specific issues some players are having, including:
  • Arno falling through the ground.
  • Game crashing when joining a co-op session.
  • Arno getting caught inside of hay carts.
  • Delay in reaching the main menu screen at game start.

In addition, we are already looking into many of the other issues you’ve told us about and we have more updates planned. This list doesn’t capture everything, but here are the most widely-reported problems we’ve heard about from you:

  • Frame rate issues.
  • Graphical and collision issues.
  • Matchmaking co-op issues.
  • Helix Credits issues.

Assassin's Creed Unity Glitch (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Meanwhile, Assassin’s Creed Unity is getting trounced in user reviews on Metacritic, where it currently has a 3.3 user score versus a 76 critic score. I have to give a special nod to this Amazon user review who managed to encapsulate all that is wrong with the game in one snark-filled post.

Become a $60 Beta Assassin!

AC Unity is true next-gen. In fact, it is SO next-gen that it isn’t even finished yet! I like to be on the cutting edge and I appreciate that Ubisoft is making games that it is still making, even weeks after you’ve beaten them.

I also love the forced integration with an app as well as a website. How that works is that you sign in with your uplay account to experience so many error messages that last gen could never display on screen at one time.

The game itself (no spoilers) centers around Arno, an Assasin in search of locked chests that require a cell phone game with micro transactions to open. You level him up by “hacking” into your bank account to drain real money at 60 FPS. The rest of the game runs at a solid 12 FPS which is TWICE as cinematic as a movie… No small feat! Once you’ve completed “playing” a website on your computer, Arno is finally ready to fall through the ground and enter a white abyss… The core challenge of the game, these moments where you simply fall into the sky that accurately existed under 1700’s Paris, are some of the most nail-biting moments in any game ever made… Will the game crash? Will you have to hard reset your console? Results are random, so it will always be a surprise!

Many people just won’t “get” this evolution of Assassin’s Creed and should spend their time opening up a history book instead. It is there they could read up on Paris’ floating people and long battle with pop-in. Even today, many Parisians only exist after you’ve already walked past them. It is these small details that Ubisoft has nailed and they deserve applause with tons of random audio pops just as you’d hear in the game’s cinematics.

After playing this gem, I’ve decided to fly to Montreal tomorrow to begin playing 2018’s Assassin’s Creed 9. Unity’s only shortcoming was that it was a little TOO finished, so I am hoping the Ubisoft guys will let me plug my controller into a broken vending machine in their studio that simply eats dollars that I put into it without delivering.

Update: Ubisoft has mentioned that they will be issuing a patch that may “fix” some of these historically accurate non-issues. For this reason, I have lowered my score to 1 star. If I wanted to play a game that was finished, I would not have purchased a Ubisoft game on day one. Boo to Ubisoft, we expect less of you.

Well played, sir. Well played.

How has your Assassin’s Creed Unity experience been thus far? Sound off in comments below.

[Image via NeoGAF user PunishedSnake]

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