Nicki Minaj Criticized For Nazi Imagery In New Lyric Video

Singer Nicki Minaj is used to drawing her fair share of criticism, but did she go too far by using Nazi imagery in her latest music video? Over the weekend, Nicki debuted the lyric animation for her new song, “Only,” featuring other artists Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown.

Director Jeff Osborne and Nicki created the animated lyric single which features images related to Nazi propaganda, according to Time Magazine. The song itself addresses the many rumors that Nicki has been linked romantically to its other singers. Minaj appears as a military leader surrounded by soldiers and tanks. Two red banners bear the symbol for her record label Young Money, which look like they have been altered to resemble Nazi swastikas.

The two images below are taken from “Only,” reminiscent of Nazi imagery from World War II.

Nicki Minaj Video 'Only'
Images of the soldiers from the lyric video “Only”
Nicki Minaj Video 'Only'
Nicki Minaj’s character in “Only”

The Washington Post reported that the animated “Only” is similar to Nazi videos by Joseph Goebbels. The color scheme resembles Nazi Third Reich posters. Is Minaj using controversial topics just to drive attention to her music? The Post thinks so about past song “Lookin A** N***a” that had similar questionable imagery.

“She trained all of the attention on her single and ensured that at least for a matter of hours, she — and the song — would be the dominant topic of Internet conversation.”

The footage below shows Nazi parade formations, similar to what you see in the above imagery.

Minaj previously faced controversy over artwork before, as reported by the Inquisitr. Her depiction of Malcolm X with a gun also drew attacks. Nicki apologized for the work on Instagram, and may need to respond to “Only” as well. Minaj is not afraid to draw fire for her works, and “Only” is not going to be her last controversial work.

Fans and critics responded with strong emotions on Twitter.

The music video “Only” embedded below contains explicit language and may not be appropriate for all viewers.

[Photo Sources: US Magazine and YouTube]

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