Man Gets Robbed At Gunpoint And Runs Away, Leaves 3-Year-Old Daughter Behind [Video]

This man gets robbed at gunpoint in what appears to be his home, according to Media Takeout.

As you can see from the video released by Video2Fone, before the man gets robbed, he seems to be heading home with his 3-year-old daughter at his side. Before he can unlock the door, he is approached by the alleged robber. Even though the robber does not point the gun directly at the man, it is clearly visible as he holds it in his right hand.

It also appears that the robber had a little help from his partner, who was waiting for him outside of the fenced-in area at the beginning of the video, but eventually came in to join him.

Based on the video footage, it seems as though the man ran away at the first chance that he got.

Both of the men started to run after him at first, but decided to try and get inside of the home instead. The first robber tries to open the door, realizes that it is still locked and starts to head away from the door. That is the end of the footage.

Instead of picking up his daughter and running with her (or finding some other way to protect his daughter), the man runs away and leaves his daughter behind.

In the video, the same incident is played from a variety of different angles so you get a chance to watch the same thing from different perspectives.

What do you think? When this man gets robbed at gunpoint, should he have done something differently? Or, did he do the right thing?

[Image Credit: WBLK & 4FLush]