Kate Middleton is Pregnant (Rumor)

Kate Middleton is pregnant. That is, if we are going to believe that her refusal to eat peanut paste during a royal appearance in Copenhagen is because she’s pregnant.

Doctors usually recommend that pregnant women stay away from peanuts and its bi-products to avoid allergies.

According to an ABC News report, cameras covering the event caught the Duchess of Cambridge declining to taste a bite of peanut paste during the couple’s visit to the United Nations aid depot in Copenhagen.

The paste is a staple of UNICEF packages being handed out to areas suffering from famine.

When pressed, Middleton’s spokesman stressed that she doesn’t have any peanut allergy. So, what’s the reason behind her refusal to eat peanut paste? Could it be that she does not really like it? She’s full? Maybe, she’s pregnant? Oh well, we’re going in circles here.

Let’s just wait for the official announcement.

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