New ‘Minecraft’ TU18 Tease Spies Horses And More For PlayStation And Xbox

4J Studios put out another Minecraft Title Update 18 (TU18) tease on Friday. This follows on the heels of a previous tease for the PlayStation and Xbox console sandbox game that revealed a pair of new blocks and a Mash-Up Pack. The new tease is a little more exciting though, as it officially means horses are coming in the next update.

The Minecraft console developer introduced horses and other features to fans in its usual manner via Twitter. Yes, that means a stuffed character sitting on top of a TV.

That’s a really tall picture, and the actual image on the television is pretty washed out. I tweaked it a little using photo editing software to enlarge and make it easier to see. Some detail is still missing, but you can spot the new items.

Minecraft TU17 Tease

Obviously, the horses in the fenced in area is the main draw. There’s a brown and white horse with hay bale blocks sitting outside the fence as well as in the first slot of the hotbar.

What is really hard to see is the confirmation that beacons will be included in the update. You can barely make out the shaft of light shooting into the sky from the little village house in the middle of the image just above the white horse. Beacons are crafted in the PC version of the game using five blocks of glass, three blocks of Obsidian, and a single Nether Star.

Also spotted on the hotbar is what appears to be a Daylight Sensor in the second slot from the left. It was introduced as part of the Redstone Update, and can be used as a redstone power source to trigger other items such as redstone lamps, pistons, and beacons. It obviously needs light to generate power, so it is only effective during the day when it is not raining.

The block in the third hotbar slot from the left appears to be the same block shown in the previous tease. It’s thought to be a redstone block.

The fourth block from the left is another Redstone Update item. It is the Hopper and can be used to catch items or transfer them into and out of containers. It is crafted from a chest and five iron ingots.

For the fifth block from the left, I’ll be honest by saying I’m having a hard time making it out. Anyone else have any ideas? Update: Daniel, who follows on Facebook, pointed out that this looks like Horse Armor. Based on the Minecraft Wiki, I concur. Thanks Daniel!

4J Studios previously stated that it “may take some time” for TU18 to come out, as reported earlier in The Inquisitr. The massive size is the primary reason.

This next update will jump three PC updates, which includes the Pretty Scary Update, Redstone Update, and Horse Update. That’s potentially a ton of content.

The Pretty Scary Update added Bats, Witches, the Wither boss, and Wither Skeletons as new mobs. It also brought Beacons and items that were included in the TU14 update such as Carrots on Sticks, Anvils, and more.

The Redstone Update focused primarily on adding new redstone blocks, but also optimized the lighting engine. Some of the new blocks included the comparator, hopper, dropper, daylight sensor, trapped chest, weighted pressure plates, and block of redstone. There were also some PC specific updates like a scoreboard system which likely won’t make the transfer to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Lastly, the Horse Update brought horses, naturally, plus donkeys, and mules. It also brought leads to tie to any mob, plus hay, carpet, coal blocks, and hardened clay that can be turned into stained clay with dye.

What did you think of this tease? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via 4J Studios]

[Edit: Change reference Title Update reference from TU17 to TU18]

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