Trump Taj Mahal Closing In Atlantic City? Donald Trump Wants His Name Off Of The Casino

Trump Taj Mahal Closing In Atlantic City? Donald Trump Gloats: 'When I Left, That's When It Went Bad'

Is Trump Taj Mahal closing in Atlantic city? The financially troubled casino has Donald Trump wanting his name removed from the business because the Trump family no longer has any control of the company called Trump Entertainment Resorts.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Donald Trump questioned President Barack Obama’s sanity, calling him “psycho.” The Donald is also being considered liable with the unlicensed Trump University.

When Trump Entertainment Resorts filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in September, the Trump Plaza was all set to close. The date for the Trump Taj Mahal’s closing was thought to be some time in November, and the company was looking for union concessions from Unite Here Local 54 in order to stay afloat. Last week, Trump Entertainment convinced a bankruptcy judge to toss out its union contract, and the company is currently relying on massive government aid in order to prevent the Trump Taj Mahal’s closing.

Ivanka and Donald Trump do not want to be associated with Trump Taj Mahal’s closing.

“Mr. Trump brilliantly left Atlantic City more than seven years ago and has not been back. Mr. Trump has absolutely nothing to do with Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc.,” Michael Cohen, a lawyer for the real-estate mogul, said in a prepared statement. The Trumps argue that the company allowed Trump Taj Mahal to deteriorate, which damages their brand.

“I think everyone knows that I’m gone. Atlantic City was a place that I really loved; you know, I did it for a long time in Atlantic City. But a lot of people say when I left, that’s when it went bad. And in one way, I’m honored by that statement, but in another way, I feel badly about Atlantic City.”

According to WFMZ, Trump Entertainment Resorts is fighting to retain the Trump Taj Mahal name, although they agreed to remove the Trump name from the Trump Plaza after it was already closed.