‘Dance Moms’ Star Christi Lukasiak Confirms: Chloe Is Done With Abby’s Studio

Season 4 of Dance Moms recently ended and Season 5 is reportedly taping now. The reunion show aired on Lifetime last week, and there were some tense moments. For those wondering about Christi and Chloe Lukasiak’s future with Abby Lee Miller and her dance studio, it seems that Christi decided to clear things up after a lot of buzz.

Christi was sticking up for Chloe and putting her foot down in earnest in the past few shows, and it indeed seems she decided it had become too much. Lukasiak hadn’t seemingly been able to say much until the show was done airing, but now she decided to tell Dance Moms fans exactly where she stands.

Lukasiak tweeted, “Just so I can clear this up: I have not stepped foot in THAT studio since the finale, NOR WILL CHLOE EVER. ‘She’ crossed the line. #bully.”

Fans are very supportive of the Dance Moms star’s decision. While many will miss seeing Chloe dance with the Abby Lee Dance Company, they know she will blossom in another setting. In fact, word has it that Chloe Lukasiak has already moved on and seems to be showing impressive improvements in her dancing.

According to Dance Moms spoilers from the show’s Wikia page, filming is indeed taking place for Season 5, but without some fan favorites. Kendall, Nia, and Kalani are all present in the competitions, and both Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler have been in the mix as well.

While a brief video from an event Chloe did recently seemingly indicated that she would continue to be on the show and compete with Abby’s team, it seems that now enough time has passed that Christi can be blunt about the fact that no matter what else happens, she and Chloe have decided that the teen will no longer be in Abby’s dance studio.

Another tweet from Christi indicated that Chloe fans shouldn’t worry. She said that “when God closes a door, he always opens a window,” and she believes there are big things ahead for Chloe. Lukasiak’s departure from Abby’s team is the second big hit in the past season.

Brooke and Paige Hyland left at the end of Season 3 after Kelly Hyland got into a brawl with Miller. In fact, the Hyland family currently has two lawsuits filed against Abby for what they went through with her and the show. Will Dance Moms viewers continue to tune in since Brooke, Paige, and now Chloe Lukasiak have left Abby’s studio?

[Image via Scott Gries/Lifetime]