Hawk Takes Down Drone In Cunning Aerial Attack [Video]

A viral Internet video captured an aerial battle between a drone and red-tail hawk. Spoiler alert — the hawk wins.

One strike and the drone was down.

According to the video’s author Christopher Schmidt, he was flying his drone, a quadcopter, in Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when he accidentally violated the Hawk’s airspace. So the hawk decided to attack.

Schmidt acted to prevent any harm for the bird. He throttled down the copter’s props as the hawk came in for the attack. As a result, it appears that the hawk got away injury free, it didn’t appear like the drone could say the same thing.

Birds attacking drones is not a new thing by a long shot, but seeing from the drone’s perspective is pretty impressive.

It might be that Amazon.com will have another obstacle to get over for its delivery service.

Any money made from the YouTube video will be sent to the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

It seems like birds are getting aggressive nowadays.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an eagle viciously attacked a deer in an assault that was caught with series or startling images.

The hawk video comes just a week after a bicyclist was viciously dive-bombed by a crazed magpie in Shellharbour, Australia. Luckily, the cyclist, Trent Nicholson, also captured that attack on camera for the world’s fascination.

According to the video, it was the magpie’s breeding season, which is a particularly dangerous time for people passing by. The normally docile birds become aggressive, even to the point of attacking humans. They’re typically acting to protect their young and appear to not be swayed, even with worms.

Nicholson gave this advice, “Just avoid the known area for a couple months is my best advice.”

The lesson is, never enter the wrong airspace.

Or at least, have a drone on hand to distract the hawk while you get away.

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