Bruce Jenner ‘Acts Like A Girl’: Bruiser Has Wanted A Sex Change For Two Decades

Bruce Jenner sex change rumors have picked up steam this week after a source close to the former Olympian spoke out about Bruce’s behaviors… which have been evident for quite some time. According to Radar Online, the source said that Bruce has acted like a girl for the past 20 years — or longer.

“When I met Bruce I thought he was a girl. He acts like a girl, walks like a girl. He’s a girl. I thought he was ready for a new change. I think he was getting ready for a change of sex. Meaning, he likes boys better than girls,” said the source.

Bruce Jenner has done a few things that have made him seem more feminine. According to The Inquisitr, Bruce’s quirky habits — from wearing Spanx to getting his nails done — make him more girly, which makes people believe that he wants to be a female. Now that Bruce is single (Kris Jenner filed for divorce last month), some say that he’s going to start making the change in a more noticeable way. Rumor has it that Bruce has been getting estrogen treatments for months now, but will he actually have surgery to completely transform himself? Some say that’s inevitable.

According to InTouch Weekly, Bruce has taken things slow. As time goes on, it becomes more and more clear that the reality star isn’t too happy with the way he is — and so he keeps changing himself. His ex, Kris Jenner, has spoken out about these rumors, but she insists that the chatter — which stems back to the 70s — is just a way for outlets to sell more magazines.

“That’s just a story they’ve been writing since the 70s,” Kris said. “I think they just keep regurgitating stuff. The more sensational the headline, they are going to sell more magazines.”

But what if Bruce has wanted to become a woman since the 70s?

Bruce Jenner doesn’t seem to give the media any reason to believe that he doesn’t want a sex change. He seems to be more open and free. He seems to be finding a way to be comfortable in his own skin. Whether that’s by having plastic surgery or wearing a sports bra, Bruce is coming into his own. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Bruce wants to be a woman, but it does suggest that he’s unhappy with the way that he was over the past decade — and so he’s changed himself.

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