Phaedra Parks Divorce: Apollo Nida Split ‘Amicable,’ Papers Served In Prison?

Phaedra Parks is getting a divorce from her husband, Apollo Nida. According to Radar Online, Phaedra is moving forward with the split, and will more than likely have Nida sign papers while he’s in prison. He is currently serving an eight-year sentence after being convicted of bank fraud. Phaedra has reportedly known that her marriage to Apollo wasn’t going to last, but she took the time to figure everything out before reaching out to an attorney.

“[Parks] has retained an attorney with the intent of amicably ending her marriage,” explained Phaedra’s rep, Steve Honig. Sources say that this split will be “amicable.”

Phaedra Parks’ divorce isn’t the least bit surprising. No one actually expected for her to spend the next eight years of her life waiting for Apollo to get out of prison. People change over time… and Apollo is a criminal. All in all, this is what needed to happen. According to People Magazine, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star knows that this is the best decision for her. Apparently there was a lot more going on between the two aside from Apollo’s crooked past.

“Phaedra is really disappointed with how all of this has turned out. This divorce is going to be the best thing for her. Apollo was always really jealous of her success and the fact that she was the breadwinner,” said a source.

Phaedra is staying focused on the couple’s two children, Ayden, 4, and Dylan, 1, who will grow up without their dad.

“The really sad part is their two little boys having to go through all of this. She knows she will be better off without him. She’s a strong woman and a great mom and really adores her boys,” the source added.

Phaedra Parks had to divorce Apollo Nida… there really was not any way that she could make things work with him. According to The Inquisitr, this split was a long time coming. After getting married in 2009, Phaedra and Apollo seemed to be doing well, but things weren’t always rainbows and butterflies. Like any couple, the two had their issues… whether or not they would have worked through things if Nida didn’t go to jail is something that we’ll never know.

Phaedra needs to do what it best for her and her family, and it sounds like that is what she is doing. Do you think this is the best decision for the reality star? Were you surprised by the divorce news?

[Photo courtesy of Ben Rose/WireImage via Us Weekly]

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