WWE News: John Cena Curates ‘WWE 2K15’ Soundtrack, New Cena Songs On Game

Fifteen time WWE World Champion John Cena has made it known that he is one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. However, could he be going back to an old gimmick that originally made him popular? Potentially, if not just for a small period. John Cena claimed that he would have an announcement for Monday that would be big. He was not lying, as the announcement sparked a lot of interest.

Cena put out a series of posts on Twitter announcing that he would be helping with the WWE 2K15 soundtrack.

“Hard work pays off! I’m honored to announce that I’ve curated the #WWE2K15Soundtrack!”

“The Dr. of Thuganomics and hip hop royalty @WizKhalifa on 2 new tracks exclusive to the album called “Breaks” & “All Day” #WWE2K15Soundtrack”

“The album also features tracks from @bobatl feat @1future, and@RudimentalUK feat @EmeliSande and @Nas. #WWE2K15Soundtrack”

“and still more from @Official_flo, @knifepartyinc, @TheRealBigSmo,@MysterySkulls, @RoyalBloodUK and @WizKhalifa#WWE2K15Soundtrack”

2K Sports has allowed Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams to help with the last two NBA 2K games respectively, so this is not some random venture for the gaming company. Cena basically helped pick out all the songs that would be in the game, while also claiming he would be putting out some original work. This is something Cena has not done in nearly a decade.

WWE 2K15 has had a lot of hype, and I mean A LOT of hype. 2K Sports could either give us the best wrestling game of all time or the worst disappointment in the history of games. One does have to wonder if WWE 2K15 can do anything close to what people hope it can. WWE clearly wants the game to be a success, as does 2K. 2K Sports has been working their tails off for an entire year to give WWE fans a great game.

They did not have a chance to give WWE fans the game they wanted last year, as they got the game from THQ far too late to make any major changes to what was already complete. This year, 2K cannot blame anything on any other gaming company. They have to do it themselves, as they control everything about this game and its development. This is the first year that a WWE game has been in next-gen, and the graphics look insane thus far.

John Cena adding his talent and brain to the WWE 2K15 soundtrack could potentially just be an added incentive for WWE fans. The soundtrack is heavily rap/hip-hop based, so older fans could enjoy it a lot. This may not be the only reason to get the WWE 2K15 video game, but it is a cool addition from 2K Sports to let the Doctor of Thuganomics work on the soundtrack for the game.


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