Kim Kardashian Heckled At Her Own Birthday Party

Kim Kardashian took to Las Vegas club Marquee (@Cosmopolitan Las Vegas) on Saturday to celebrate her 31st birthday and the actress was met with something she likely didn’t expect, heckling from club visitors.

The actress invited hundreds of friends to the event and along with those people were various Marquee guests who began to jeer at the reality TV star and designer as she was announced by the DJ.

Apparently after the attack on the TV star began her sister Khloe took to the mic to lecture haters only to be met with an even louder chorus of boos.

Speaking about the event club operator Jason Strauss said that the crowd didn’t boo but instead went wild with “glee” at the very sight of Kardashian.

Strauss told the The Las Vegas Journal-Review:

“The majority was going wild. We had to double up security because so many were trying to get closer to her.”

I’m going to take the word of club visitors after all the last thing Marquee wants is publicity pointing to a celebrity hating atmosphere at their state of the art club (which coincidentally is my favorite in Las Vegas).

Do you think Kardashian was actually boo’ed by Marquee partiers?

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