‘You’re Not You’: Hilary Swank And Emmy Rossum Star In This Inspirational Film

Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum star together in You’re Not You. Here is the first official trailer for the movie.

Hilary Swank has been known for taking on roles that require her to show physical breakdowns (or buildups). Think about what she was able to do in Million Dollar Baby, the Clint Eastwood-directed film that required her to train to become a skilled boxer. Reports confirm that Hilary Swank took her training for that movie very seriously and her on-screen performance proved that clearly. In Boys Don’t Cry, her physical breakdown was more based on changing her actual appearance to look like a girl that was struggling with her own sexual identity. However, she won an Oscar for her performance in both of these movies.

Emmy Rossum has been able to build an impressive filmography as well over the years of riveting roles with memorable performances. However, she has been somewhat limited when it comes to the types of opportunities that she has been given – especially when it comes to the co-stars that work alongside on her. However, after her performance in the big-screen adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera starring Gerard Butler and Patrick Wilson, Emmy Rossum was placed in a much higher category of consideration.

In You’re Not You, Hilary Swank plays the lead role of Kate – a woman that is a highly-successful advertising executive that is forced to drastically change her life and her overall mentality after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (also referred to as ALS.) Emmy Rossum plays a supporting role in this film as the woman that is hired to take care of Hilary Swank’s character – even though (at first glance) it doesn’t even appear like she can take care of herself.

You’re Not You is actually based on the book of the same name which was written by best-selling author, Michelle Wildgen. In an interview, Michelle Wildgen stated that she wanted her writing to focus on the “forced intimacy” that would exist between these two types of characters – especially when one is a caregiver for the other.

“The illness…was absolutely central to the idea… I’ve known people who have worked as caregivers, and people who have diseases that make them require this kind of aid, and it was that idea that interested me: What do you do with that forced intimacy?”

From many of the reviews that have been posted and published about You’re Not You, it seems as if many people agree that Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum both delivered memorable and emotionally-stirring performances.

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