Police Pepper Spray Dancers At Baseball Game

A tribute to a high school players last game went horribly wrong this past weekend when police pepper sprayed a group of Polynesian men and boy dancers.

The dancers traveled from 200 miles away in support of a player and after beginning a Haka dance at Union High school in Roosevelt, Utah police started using batons and pepper spray to disperse the dancers.

According to onlookers the dance didn’t occur until after the game was over as players were leaving the field, police told the dancers to make their way out of the ballpark but:

“They were in the middle of their dance, and if anyone knows the Haka dance, they’re loud and talking in unison.”

Roosevelt police say they’re looking into the incident which also saw innocent bystanders being hit by the officers pepper spray.

Do you believe that police acted too quickly in pepper spraying and assault the group of dancers who were obviously just celebrating the game?

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