WWE News: Steve Austin Talks Comeback And Potential WrestleMania Opponents

Stone Cold Steve Austin continues to be near the center of the WWE Universe, despite retiring from in-ring competition in 2003. Needless to say, the Texas Rattlesnake is among the best WWE superstars of all-time, and is partly responsible for keeping the WWE afloat during their setback in the late 90s. Without Austin, there might not be a WWE to even watch right now.

A few weeks ago, it looked like Stone Cold was prepping for a comeback to the WWE. However, he and his wife shot down those rumors, and explained that his training was for a return to Gold’s Gym. So there won’t be a glass shattering at WrestleMania 31. That may be true, but fans can still speculate, right?

Even though the possibility of seeing Austin in March of 2015 is very unlikely, he is still discussing the potential for a return. Austin won’t completely rule it out, but still won’t say if it is a guarantee or not. Take that for what it is worth, but during another edition of Austin’s podcast, he revealed a few names that would make his list of potential opponents for a WrestleMania comeback.

Nevertheless, Austin hasn’t ruled out a potential one-off match at WrestleMania, but said he wasn’t planning a comeback. A listener mentioned CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and John Cena as interesting opponents.

Austin called Cena a “living legend” and said it would be great to work with him. Austin also called Lesnar a “wrecking machine”, and said he would love to do a match with him or Punk. However he said that he didn’t want to entertain the thoughts of the rumors that he’d be returning.

Just because he discussed people to work with doesn’t mean his return is imminent. Now, CM Punk was spotted at a Verizon store buying an iPhone 6. Clearly, Punk’s return is coming any day now.

Austin gave the WWE Universe three legendary names in the wrestling industry. Starting with the first man, there will have to be a lot of wiggle room for him to return and work with Austin.

  • CM Punk – First off, Punk’s abrupt departure from the WWE drove the message home, that he just doesn’t like wrestling anymore. Granted, he was spotted at an OVW show a few weekends ago, but that doesn’t guarantee his interest is suddenly back. For Austin to say that he still would work with Punk is a huge honor. There are wrestlers that completely resent the Straight Edge Superstar. Luckily for Punk, he doesn’t care about the quitting motion, and wouldn’t mind facing him in a comeback match at WrestleMania.
  • Brock Lesnar – If Stone Cold worked with Lesnar, then he’ll need more than just Gold’s Gym to prepare for that battle. Lesnar hurt the Undertaker, because he is a physical monster and wrestles at a highly-brutal pace. It wasn’t on purpose, but since Lesnar is so much bigger than any other wrestler, his advantage is automatic with his brute strength. The promo battles would be intense, just like Punk, because Paul Heyman would stand on the other side. Not to mention, that the heel vs. face factor would be off the charts.
  • John Cena – If we’re still talking about heel vs. face matches, then it would rank with the Lesnar/Austin program. Like it or not, Cena would become the biggest heel in the business if he wrestled against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Then again, 99 percent of the wrestlers in the world would automatically turn into heels. Austin is that over with the fans. With Cena’s star power and charisma, the promos and matches have the ability to steal the show every night, not from a technique standpoint, but from a nostalgic one.

Time will tell if Stone Cold does make his return to the WWE. Everybody wants it, the company has to want it, and Austin isn’t denying he wants it either. The day Austin says he is returning, that will be the return of CM Punk. Call it crazy now, but put the pieces together and it’ll make sense in about a year.

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