Tori Spelling Talks To The Last Woman Dean McDermott Cheated On [Video]

Tori Spelling is still trying to come to terms with Dean McDermott’s cheating, so she made the decision to seek advice from a woman who has been in her shoes. However, her choice of marital advisor might shock some True Tori fans.

According to E! News, Tori Spelling will meet up with Dean McDermott’s ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, during the season premiere of True Tori. Eustace split from McDermott in 2005, after discovering that he was cheating on her with Spelling.

Now Tori Spelling knows what it’s like to be in Mary Jo Eustace’s shoes, and a sneak preview of True Tori reveals that the reality show star isn’t too proud to admit to Mary Jo that she was right about Dean not being the man Tori thought he was. During her meeting with Eustace, Spelling gives her husband’s ex permission to say, “I told you so.”

“When you start a relationship with someone, you don’t know the other person they’re involved with. You have one story that’s painted for you and you made a pretty accurate portrait of him. It all became true in my own relationship. You can say I told you so.”

However, Mary Jo Eustace doesn’t revel in the sweet, sweet karma — instead, she reveals that she feels “really horrible” for Tori and her four kids. Mary Jo also tells Tori that Dean probably would have cheated on her with someone else if Tori had spurned his romantic advances back in 2005. However, she says that she actually doesn’t hate her ex for being a horrible serial cheater.

“I don’t hate Dean. I mean he’s a total knob — I know that, but he’s your knob now.”

Considering what McDermott said about their split, Eustace is too kind. According to Radar Online, he actually blamed Mary Jo for his cheating in divorce court documents.

“Approximately a year after our marriage, Mary Jo started to become distant and not interested in our relationship. Displays of affection and love had dissipated to the point of concern.”

In the True Tori clip, Eustace disputes McDermott’s claims that their marriage was suffering by telling Spelling that they were in a very loving relationship at the time the affair happened. She even produces a love letter as proof.

Dean made similar complaints about his relationship with Tori Spelling, saying that he cheated on her because their sex life “wasn’t fantastic.”

True Tori fans don’t just have Tori Spelling’s heart-to-heart with Mary Jo Eustace to look forward to this season. As The Inquisitr previously reported, a trailer for the show teases that Spelling might be pregnant with her fifth child. Obviously, she wants fans to tune in to find out if this is actually true when True Tori returns to Lifetime on October 21.

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