Loyal Dogs Stayed Hungry, Kept Florida Woman With Parkinson’s Disease Alive For Two Days!

A 76-year-old lady from Palmdale, Florida, owes her life to her two guardian dogs, Higgins and Dodger, who played a crucial role in keeping her alive for two days until medical help arrived. According to ABC News, the woman, identified as Judy Muhe, recently broke her shoulder and bruised her head when she fell in her kitchen. However, unlike other people who would have gotten up on their own and sought medical help immediately, Judy, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, was simply unable to get up – much less seek help. It would take two days for others to realize that something’s wrong with Judy. Luckily for Judy, her dogs were around!

In the two days that Judy wavered in and out of consciousness, it was her dogs that kept her alive. Judy told local news outlet KABC-TV that had it not been for the efforts of her two golden retrievers, 10-year-old Higgins and 4-year-old Dodger, she wouldn’t have been alive now. According to Judy, both the dogs sat vigil around her – without eating or drinking anything, making her feel comfortable.

“They went for days without food and water. They stayed with me. By keeping me warm, and keeping me comfortable, as they could, the main thing was they let me know that I was not alone,” Judy later told ABC News.

Judy also tearfully recalls the time her dogs stayed hungry and simply lay by her side for the course of the two days she was on the floor.

“Dodger kept nuzzling me with his nose and Higgins was laying beside me. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I’m sorry. I just love my dogs so much,” Judy said.

Two days into her disappearance, Judy’s friend and neighbor Kathy Jacobs decided to figure out where the old lady had gone. She used a spare key and entered the home, only to find an unconscious Judy – surrounded by her guardian dogs.

“When I came in we found her right away on the floor. The dogs were right here with her. They actually ran to the door and then they ran back to where she was, like showing us she was there,” Kathy said.

The survival of a person with Parkinson’s disease without food or water for over two days is very slim – but thanks to her two dogs, she is alive and well.

When asked about her ordeal, Judy had only one thing to say: Take good care of your pets for they are angels on four legs. And rightly so! After all, this is not the first time The Inquisitr has reported about pets becoming lifesavers.

[Image Via ABC News]

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