Taco Bell And Sriracha Together At Last? Taco Bell Testing Sriracha-Covered Treats In Limited Markets [Video]

Taco Bell has decided that their food might taste better with a liberal dose of Sriracha poured on top. That’s why the popular Mexican fast food chain is testing Sriracha-covered menu items in a limited area. If things go well, one might expect that the spicy treats could wind up at a Taco Bell near you. Forget the fire sauce — this could be the next big thing in pseudo-Mexican cuisine.

For now, if you want your Taco Bell meal smothered in Sriracha, you will have to go to the Kansas City area, or add your own hot sauce at home. According to The Huffington Post, Sriracha Nachos Supreme, Sriracha Quesaritos, breakfast Sriracha Scrambler Burritos (with eggs, potatoes, nacho cheese, Sriracha, and pico de gallo), Sriracha Loaded Grillers, and Sriracha Tacos will be on the Kansas City test menu. No worries if you don’t see your favorite Taco Bell menu item on the list and preceded by the Sriracha prefix. Lovers of the spicy sauce can have it added to any of the restaurant’s many offerings.

“Sriracha on a taco is just going to drown the subtle flavor of the meat and/or vegetables, without actually being all that spicy to begin with,” complained Jezebel. Obviously not a fan of the pairing of Taco Bell and rooster sauce, Jezebel opined that the pairing was “wrong,” even calling it “heretical,” suggesting quarantine to keep it from spreading beyond the Kansas City limits.

Does everything taste better with Sriracha? The Sriracha Challenge set out to answer that very question. The guys at Good Mythical Morning added the spicy chili sauce to everything from Brussels sprouts and sardines to baby food and dog food. Although they didn’t try spicing up any Taco Bell offerings with the sauce, the video of their experiment is undeniably entertaining. For the record, the sauce improved the sardines, but it did nothing to make the dog food, Brussels sprouts, or baby food more palatable. Oddly enough, the sauce did improve the flavor of white glue, but don’t try that at home.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Burger King created quite a sensation when they announced that they were bringing back their beloved chicken fries. The thin crispy strips of deep-fried goodness were reintroduced for a limited time only, garnering a fair amount of excitement on the internet. There was even a trending hashtag on Twitter in celebration of the good news, #ChickenFriesAreBack.

During the absence of Burger King’s chicken fries, demand for the treat was so fierce that Rusty Shackelford even started a Change.org petition titled “Bring Back Burger King Chicken Fries.” The petition eloquently expressed Shackelford’s need for skinny strips of golden brown chicken, and asked for President Obama’s assistance in bringing them back.

It remains to be seen whether the marriage of Taco Bell and Sriracha will arouse the same cult-like fervor as Burger King’s chicken fries. What do you think? Are you anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Taco Bell items at your local franchise? Comments are welcome.

[Image via Taco Bell]