‘Britney Spears’ Music Is So Intelligent’ Says Pop Newcomer Charli XCX

Britney Spears’ name is one of most recognized in all of pop culture, a reputation she’s accumulated over her nearly 20-year reign as one pop’s primary divas. Charli XCX, on the other hand, you may have only heard of recently. Despite not having a Britney-like enigma quite yet, you’ve heard her songs long before “Boom Clap” infected the radio waves after it was featured in cancer rom-com The Fault In Our Stars. Charli XCX also made an appearance alongside Iggy Azalea in “Fancy,” not to mention gave away one of the most infectious songs of the decade when she penned “I Love It,” then sold it to Icona Pop.

“It was funny because for them the lyrics were really relevant at that point, because they were going through, like, breakups. It kind of found a home with them… I’m glad it did because I think they did it justice.”

Charli XCX isn’t shy about naming off Spears as one of her primary influences. She has told reporters several times in the past that she sees Britney as one of her biggest influences, heaping high praise on the Billboard hits that Spears has churned out like clockwork over the years. Charli XCX recently sat down with Cosmo to say proudly that Britney deserves credit for a solid string of albums.

“I don’t feel embarrassed by any of the music that I like. I think it’s all genuinely clever, good music. And when I say that about Britney Spears, some people are like, “What? Are you serious?” Have you heard her albums? They’re so intelligent. The way her songs are crafted is really amazing. I think that music is really interesting and clever.”

Britney has dozens of tracks to choose from as a favorite, said Charli XCX, but the pop newcomer was able to narrow down the prime era of Spears to the Blackout album.

“Definitely Blackout. It got a bit darker… “Gimme More” and “Piece of Me” are two of my favorite songs of all time. They’re genius. “…Baby One More Time” is amazing, but that sounds like the ’90s. “Piece of Me” sounds like it could come out now, or in 10 years’ time, and still feel ahead of its time. I love that “…Baby One More Time” video, to be honest; it’s amazing. And I also love the recent video, “Work Bitch.” When she’s standing on the podium with the fake sharks going around her, that’s my favorite bit.”

Britney could probably use Charli XCX’s compliment about her intellect. Kanye West recently described himself in a deposition as “the smartest f***ing celebrity you’ve ever dealt with. I’m not Britney Spears.”

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