WWE News: WWE Superstar Randy Orton Blasts Part-time Schedule Rumor

Without a doubt, the professional wrestling world deals with the most rumors of any sport in the world. One day, the Rock is coming back to the WWE, and the next day, it all changes. Just like Stephanie McMahon once said in an interview, “Never say never.” World Wrestling Entertainment rapidly evolves every single day.

If a report isn’t true, sometimes the superstar in question will take to social media and disprove latest the rumor about him or her. In this instance, that did indeed happen.

Randy Orton, WWE superstar, was reported as to have signed a new limited-time contract that wouldn’t permit him to be at every weekend live event. Well, apparently, Orton caught wind of that report and decided to make sure the WWE Universe knew what the real story was.

Certainly, Orton knows the real story because it deals with his life. Now, very reputable sources reported that Orton signed a new part-time schedule that didn’t include many house shows. If a WWE superstar simply wrestled Raw and Smackdown, then their schedule wouldn’t be nearly as strenuous as usual. The live events take up five of the seven days in the week, and that doesn’t include their two biggest programs.

Believe it or not, Orton’s been with the WWE since 2002. His career is far from over as the 34-year old still has much to offer to the WWE and his legions of fans. The one story that Orton didn’t diffuse was the one about him turning babyface before WrestleMania 31. There lies some truth about that situation. WWE will turn him babyface because they have nobody left. Without Daniel Bryan or CM Punk, John Cena is the lone face at the top of the food chain.

Bray Wyatt

Despite the flack from the WWE fans, they are about to turn Bray Wyatt babyface too, and we’ll finally get to see a PG-version of the “Eater of Worlds.” That’s sarcasm, of course, as Wyatt is a natural heel. His promos emulate somebody that hates the world and wants to destroy it one-by-one. He is somewhat similar to how Orton was during his “Legend Killer” days.

No matter the cost, Orton wanted to punt the head off of anybody that crossed his path. Even his microphone skills were great as a monster heel. Since then, he’s become the Apex Predator and a face for people to like. The gimmick resonates to the persona, and it just won’t work for Orton as a babyface. The children will love him, which is what WWE is gearing their demographic towards. So, in that sense, he will be a success once again.

[Images via Bleacher Report and WWE.com]

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