Jennifer Aniston Is Hard To Be Friends With, Says Chelsea Handler

Jennifer Aniston might not be the best actress out there, but she does know how to make wise career choices. Known for playing lead on a variety of sappy rom-com flicks, Aniston has made a career playing the quirky blonde opposite the main guy.

However, this streak was met with a sudden stop when she decided to take the lead role in the drama film Cake, where she plays a woman who joins a chronic pain support group. Rumor has it that her portrayal of the character was quite well received during its premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival. In fact, Jennifer reportedly played the role so well that it has already started an Oscar buzz, giving the actress a shot at her first Academy Award.

Despite these achievements, Aniston continue to be bombarded by less relevant topics, like the non-stop pregnancy rumors that have dominated gossip sites for the past few days. Some sources report that Aniston and fiance Justin Theroux are actively trying to get pregnant, while others even claim that the Friends actress is already expecting a baby girl, although this has been dismissed by sources close to the Jennifer.

This brings us to our next topic. Jennifer Aniston is one of those actresses who just can’t catch a break, especially with dealing with the daily hassles of the tabloid. Jennifer’s upcoming wedding with Justin Theroux has been a primary topic for professional gossipers, and fans just can’t get enough of the when’s and where’s of the decade’s biggest wedding.

And if there is anyone who knows how annoying these inquiries can be, it’s Chelsea Handler, one of Jennifer Aniston’s closest friends, who says she gets constantly stopped on the street by people asking update on the Jennifer-Justin wedding. In an interview with HuffPost Live, the comedienne confessed how being friends with one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities can actually be a “burden”.

“Everywhere I go, people ask me about Jennifer Aniston’s wedding. Everywhere I go. I always say to her, I’m like, ‘Being friends with you is a burden. You think it’s hard to be friends with me? Do you know what it’s like to walk down a red carpet and go, ‘When are Jen and Justin getting married?’ Like I’m in charge of that.'”

In other stories, Jennifer Aniston is set reprise her role as the sex addicted dentist Julia Harris on Horrible Bosses 2. Fans expect more seductively zany antics from the character, who promises to spice up some new angles for trio Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day.

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