Melissa McCarthy To Star In ‘Ghost Busters 3’, Has Hit In ‘St. Vincent’

Melissa McCarthy is having quite a surge in her already successful career. McCarthy appears as someone who is quite in demand when it comes to looking for funny women. Despite the fact that Melissa is not considered among the most attractive of funny women, it appears McCarthy is still at the top of most comedy movie producers’ list. Perhaps, it is because she doesn’t look like a model that McCarthy has managed to become so popular.

Whatever the reasons for Melissa’s skyrocketing popularity, new reports indicate she is basically a shoo-in to star in Ghostbusters 3. While the first two movies starred almost all men as a group of paranormal experts with high tech gear to fight ghosts, the newest film in the series is said to have an all-woman starring cast. Melissa is said to be at the top of the producers’ call sheet because of comedic talent and a rather extensive background in movies. McCarthy has an in when it comes to the supernatural movie considering the director is Paul Feig.

As I4U points out, Feig was also the director of Bridesmaids and The Heat, two movies Melissa McCarthy starred in. It seems unlikely Feig would look much farther than McCarthy when attempting to fill one of the roles in his brand new film. While nothing has been made official, it seems as though Melissa McCarthy would be one of those who would get a role, either as a star or as a side role. Being shut out entirely doesn’t seem likely in the cards for the comedic actress.

While Melissa has had a bit of a checkered past when it comes to the success of movies she’s starred in, she seems to have a winner with one of her most recent in St. Vincent. Also starring Bill Murray and Naomi Watts, the new film recently debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. After the screening of St. Vincent, Melissa reportedly burst into tears when the audience gave the flick a standing ovation. According to Canoe, Melissa was ecstatic the film was greeted so warmly. “It was pretty amazing,” said McCarthy. “I love this movie, I love everything about it. I love the script and the way everybody played it. So the first time you watch it with an audience, you’re like, ‘Please be nice to it!’

While most of her movies have had McCarthy playing over the top, Melissa plays it straight in St. Vincent. This time, Melissa McCarthy is getting lauded for her acting ability rather than her ability to be funny.

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