‘Walking Dead’ Producer Floats Daryl Dixon Theory, ‘He’s A Virgin’

Plenty of theories have spiraled around Norman Reedus’ breakaway Walking Dead character Daryl Dixon, but this one might make a lot of sense though.

Will he fall for Beth, Carol, or is he actually gay?

On the show the quiet, crossbow-wielding redneck is more about protecting the group and killing zombies than being a post-apocalyptic Don Juan. The non-existent love-life has left many to throw out a lot speculation about Norman Reedus’ character.

But as previously reported by the Inquisitr, even Reedus doesn’t appear to have any idea what the deal is with Dixon’s sex life, he just knows it’s awkward. As Norman explained to Entertainment Weekly,

“Whatever that decision is, I want to play it as real as possible. When a boy meets a girl, it’s usually very awkward, and I would like to play the awkwardness up as much as possible.”

The truth is, only the writers actually know what the future holds for Daryl Dixon and his post-apocalyptic companions. That hasn’t stopped plenty of people from asking Norman Reedus what’s going on, yet he has been tight-lipped, even when it comes to conjecture.

The same can’t be said for executive producer Greg Nicotero, who said to ABC,

“I think he’s a virgin in my opinion. I don’t think Daryl has ever been close enough with anyone to have sex so I always imagined that he’s a shy 12-year-old kid who doesn’t know how to handle the emotions that he has but has feelings for people on the show that he is close to but I never really imagined one way or the other that he’s had sex.”

Fans will have to wait for the fifth season to see whether that idea holds any weight or will even come up. It seems that all the characters have too much to deal with to think about a love life, although the zombie apocalypse has worked out for Glenn Rhee.

As for other hints and show analysis, Norman Reedus has at least discussed his character’s relationship to group leader Rick Grimes with ET.

“[Rick] is definitely the brother that Merle wasn’t, and I love being the Robin to his Batman. He’s one of my BFFs, so it’s nice to see those two interact.”

Otherwise, Norman Reedus hasn’t said much more, other than his character will be dirtier in the new season and his hair will be longer, according to MTV news.

The fifth season of the Walking Dead will premiere on AMC October 12th, at 9 p.m.

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