WWE To Kurt Angle: ‘Come Back Full-Time Or No Deal’

WWE and Kurt Angle have been rumored to be near a deal for months now, but a new report from Pro Wrestling Insider has revealed a new wrinkle.

If Kurt Angle does come back to WWE, he’ll have to do it as a full-timer, and it will depend on his passing a medical examination. Not surprisingly, this doesn’t agree with what the former WWE and TNA superstar wants — a part-time deal like Brock Lesnar has.

Citing “WWE source,” PWI confirmed that the Stamford-based sports entertainment company is “in conversations” with Kurt about a return.

Writer Mike Johnson said that Angle had turned down the full-time offer.

“Angle has floated the idea of returning to the company part-time and discussions are still ongoing. We are also told that Angle is also more than open to returning to TNA if they can come to terms, feeling that Dixie Carter personally and the company as a whole really helped him while he was dealing with… personal issues in recent years,” Johnson notes.

Some of those “personal issues” are precisely why Vince McMahon and Triple H have been leery about reinvesting in Kurt Angle, who at one time was one of the biggest stars in WWE.

Angle has struggled for years with alcohol and drug addiction. He has been arrested multiple times and had multiple trips to rehab. The company, meanwhile, is doing what it can to pump out a PG product and bring in more families.

A relapse wouldn’t be conducive to that image, especially if Angle was placed at the top of the card, as would be expected.

The gang over at subreddit Squaredcircle voiced that they were “shocked” WWE would want Angle back full-time. Presumably, this would be to place him under the company’s watchful eye.

Angle doesn’t think that his body can work a full-time touring schedule any more, but obviously he wouldn’t have to wrestle all the time. He could be an enforcer for Triple H or a new general manager, who wrestles part-time but appears full-time.

Kurt definitely has the mic skills to pull something like that off.

But what do you think, readers? Would it be a good idea to bring back Kurt Angle in a full-time capacity? If you did bring him back, would the “American Hero” gimmick be necessary now that Jack Swagger has pretty much adopted it for his own, or is Kurt Angle a guy who can transcend gimmicks? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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