James Franco Instagram Pics Transformed Into Sexy Coloring Book [Video]

James Franco’s sexiest Instagram pictures have been converted into coloring book pages. Finally. The “Colour Me Good James Franco” coloring book is the brainchild of artist Mel Elliott, whose past contributions to the intersection of pop culture and coloring pages include do-it-yourself homages to Ryan Gosling, Kate Moss, Harry Styles and Benedict Cumberbatch among others.

“Although, let’s be honest, they [Mel Elliott’s other coloring books] can’t possibly rival Franco’s selfies in terms of sheer weirdness and/or nipple exposure,” according to MTV. If pop culture references aren’t your thing, or you’re into forniphilia, then there’s always Elliott’s “Colour Me Good Chairs” book.

What can fans expect from the “Colour Me Good James Franco” coloring book? According to Mel Elliott, the unofficial James Franco coloring book features “James in various guises (including snuggled up in bed doing #bedselfies)” and “line illustrations of James Franco, drawn by Mel Elliott… with added fun and games.” The book’s 36 pages are printed on recycled paper and measure 21 centimeters from top to bottom and side to side.

Lest you think Mel Elliott is taking herself too seriously, the artist herself explained that the James Franco coloring book is all in good fun.

“We hope you enjoy one of our most hilarious colouring books so far – the subject matter helps a lot! This man has become the dishevelled face of the #bedselfie movement, and we are honouring his contribution to popular culture as much as his varied filmography!”

For those who are drawn to the idea of coloring between James Franco’s lines, there are plenty of YouTube videos dedicated to the physical perfection that is James Franco. One such video is set to the tune “Maneater” by Nelly Furtado. What the following video lacks in do-it-yourself capability, it makes up for in sheer unadulterated sex appeal. Put down the crayons for four minutes and enjoy.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, James Franco created quite a sensation when he posted a nearly nude picture of himself on Instagram. Although fans weren’t quick to complain, the actor deleted the sensual photo nearly as soon as he posted it. Fortunately for the denizens of the Internet, the pic was copied and retweeted any number of times. So anyone interested in a half-naked pic of Franco is still in luck.

What do you think? Are you in the market for a coloring book made from James Franco’s Instagram pics? Your comments are welcome.

[Image via James Franco Instagram]

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