Ashton Kutcher Shows Off Wedding Ring In New Chime.In Photo

Yesterday we reported about the new Ashton Kutcher “The State of Honesty” video and in that piece our writer Dan Evon pointed out that Kutcher wasn’t donning his wedding ring, leading to more speculation that Kutcher and Moore are headed to splitsville. Now adding more confusion to those rumors Kutcher has shown up with a new Sunday pic on which shows the Two and a Half Men star once again wearing his ring.

In a much lighter message to his followers Kutcher talks about his love of the Chicago Bears while pointing to his Bears hat with his left hand which shows off his wedding ring.

Kutchers message to fans?

I can BEARly wait…
Sunday morning is hands down, by far, the best day of the week. The anticipation of the events to unfold on game day are unparalleled. I am one of those delusional people that absolutely believes my fandom with dictate the outcome of the game. And this fantasy that I allow to play out every sunday is indeed the highlight of my week. GO BEARS!!!!!!

Hardly quite the philosophical waxing he was attempting to accomplish with yesterdays self serving video but as a Bears fan myself I have to agree with Ashton Kutcher … Go Bears!!!

Do you think Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are actually over?

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