Amy Robach Talks Cancer Recovery One Year After Diagnosis

On October 30, 2013, Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nearly one year later, Robach says she is “nearly 100 percent” cancer free, and is working on shedding light on what she went through in order to help other women. Amy says one of the ways she’s doing this is by making her one-year anniversary something fun and exciting, instead of a remembrance of a sad day.

Amy recently sat down with People Magazine, and announced she would throw a wedding party for a close friend on October 30 of this year. By doing this, she’s tying her cancer to something she’ll be able to remember years from now as a good thing. Amy also talked about how her recovery is far from over, despite now being cancer free. Robach is taking a drug called Tamoxifen, something that is geared towards keeping the drug from coming back. The television personality will have to take the drug for the next 10 years.

Amy Robach said she now understands what it will feel like to go through menopause because Tamoxifen causes hot flashes, a common side effect of menopause.

“My new catchphrase is ’41 is the new 55.’ I now know what it’s like to go through menopause,” Amy told People.

Robach says she isn’t complaining; she knows the hot flashes are small potatoes compared to what she could be going through. Amy also said she recently told her husband she almost feels like her old self again.

Robach also knows she’s rather lucky to have caught it so early. As the Grand Rapids Press points out, the anchor only found out she had cancer by promoting getting regularly checked. Robach underwent an on-air screening for breast cancer as a way to promote healthy living. That screening turned up a lump, and the lump was later found to actually be malignant. As part of her talking about her recovery, Amy has often discussed her getting through a double mastectomy.

While new studies show they might not be as effective as once thought, Robach believes it was a step that will help save her life down the road. The anchor did say one good thing that came out of all of this is the pixie cut which came along with losing her hair.

“It was a strange by-product of having cancer, that I actually ended up with a haircut I liked!” Amy Robach said in her most recent interview.

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