Peter Frampton Brings the ‘Frampton Comes Alive! 35’ Tour to the Ryman Theater

When Peter Framton hits the stage at the Ryman theater tonight, he’ll play a set that millions of people have heard a million times. Frampton will be playing “Frampton Comes Alive,” his monster live album from 1976, note for note, tonight at the Ryman Theater.

After the Ryman show in Nashville, Frampton will take his “Frampton Comes Alive! 35” tour overseas to play at venues in Spain, Germany, the UK, and Belgium, before returning to North America for shows in Maine, Pennsylvania, and New York.

The “Frampton Comes Alive! 35” tour celebrates the 35th anniversary of one of the most iconic live albums of all-time. It was the number one album in 1976, and at the time, was the best selling live album ever. (It is currently fourth, according to the Tennessean.)

Wayne Campbell, of Aurora, Illinois, said:

“Exqueese me? Have I seen this one before? “Frampton Comes Alive”? Everybody in the world has “Frampton Comes Alive.” If you lived in the suburbs you were issued it. It came in the mail with samples of “Tide”.

The Tennessean reports that Frampton will recreate the iconic album on the Ryman stage, including the 14 minute “Do You Feel Like I Do,” (complete with talk box) before breaking out some Humble Pie selections and cover songs.

Frampton told

“The reviews that I’ve seen from people in the audience on social media are that they love the fact we do ‘Comes Alive!’ and they’re thrilled to get to see it again. But they’re really surprised and blown away by the second set, which in the back of my mind was my goal: ‘OK, this is what you know me for, but this is what I’m doing now and have been doing ever since.’ So it’s really working well, let’s put it that way.”

Would you want to hear “Frampton Comes Alive!” live?

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